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Local Development

The Local Development category includes primarily financial resources that are available to local and regional development corporations for operations and other purposes such as revolving loan funds. Most of the resources in this section provide funding for development corporations directly for a variety of purposes, including capitalization of local loan funds.

State Local Development

Certified Regional Development Corporations Program

The Certified Regional Development Corporations (CRDC) program supports a regional approach to economic development, facilitating an efficient delivery of economic development programs by supporting regional capacity. The CRDC program supports each of the CRDCs with annual funding for economic development services supporting their region, including personnel and operating expenses, and any other expenses deemed necessary to maintain the organization’s certification as a CRDC.

Federal Local Development

The Economic Development Administration is a federal agency housed in the U.S. Department of Commerce and provides funding for local economic development planning, infrastructure for economic development projects, and capitalization of local and regional revolving loan funds for businesses. The programs are available as grants to local and regional development entities.

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Another useful research tool for federal grants is the web site.

Local Development

The Montana Economic Developers Association (MEDA) is an association of economic development professionals. They are professional "lead" economic developers, business specialist, government employers, and staff members of affiliated non-profit organizations which promote and foster economic development activities in Montana.

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